My travel to Uganda from 2 February until the 13 February 2017

tauchbadSince the founding of our association in summer 2015, we have been  working closely with the non-profit organization Kwa Moyo e. V., which is building a school for orphans and children living in poor families in Uganda.

All income from our sales and donations go directly to this aid project in Uganda via Kwa Moyo e. V..

From the 2nd until the 13th of February 2017, the first trip of sponsors has taken place – and I was there. Together with some members of Kwa Moyo’s board and six other sponsors, we visited Uganda – at our own costs. 

I’ve been looking forward to my first holiday on the African continent. I wanted to see the Kwa Moyo project, which we co-finance, and of course to get to know all our „children“. 

But what was awaiting me there, was something quite different from my previous vacation trips. And I did not expect that at all. 

I am flooded by many, many new impressions and even more very emotional experiences. 

We got to know the teachers and staff members, we visited the school campus every day and we immersed into the big and extraordinarily loving group of schoolchildren. 

It’s been nice to see the teachers lovingly deal with the children and the children loving their school and their teachers. 

Since meeting the children it is clear for me – „no later than next year I’m going to visit them again“! 

We’ve visited the families of our sponsored children and it has been terrifying for me to see and physically feel very clearly in what poverty these people must live.  Of course, I already knew that before. I have read it! They told me! But to see this with my own eyes and to „experience“ it, stirs me very much. 

Although we haven’t been announced to all the families we visited, we have been always greeted polite and friendly.  Despite the harshness of their lives, these people always had a smile on their faces. From one of „my“ families I even got a small guest gift – some eggs. Although I knew that the many-headed family was going to miss the eggs next meal, I couldn’t refuse them. There were proud to give me something in return. 

The families with their many children came to Kwa Moyo every day – to introductory seminars and workshops or to pick up their children from school or simply to talk. We’ve always met each other on an equal footing. I’ve felt very comfortable in school campus right from the start, and I quickly realized that there is much more building up than “just” a school. In the next years educational and community center is going to be build up with our help, which will be established together with the people from the surrounding villages and will be accepted by all. 

And, of course, all information from the reports of Kwa Moyo are confirmed – concerning the employees, the school grounds and the office in Mbale. The work of Kwa Moyo is outstanding! I have never doubted it anyway!! 

After this exciting trip, I am not only determined that I will be back no later than next year, but also I should do a lot more here! 

We owe it to a happy circumstance that we haven’t been born into such poverty. 

The people there must get a chance to get rid of it – with education and help for self-help!!

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